Delivered final unit #849 today

Also included are the cab and electrical box pictures as have been requested. Congrats to our longtime customer Central Montana Rail!! First unit has been working fabulously and they are extremely happy and amazed with the tractive effort provided by the new N-Force electrical system.

The return of MP15DC #1360 and GMD1 #1415

MP15DC #1360 and GMD1 #1415 are headed back to our yard finally. We will have some work to do to get them back up and running due to stolen parts and vandalism while waiting forever to be moved off their last assignment. But they should be ready to go in short order upon their return hopefully next week. Windows for the GMD1 are on order.

If you need good reliable power for a lease assignment or for sale give Pat or Ty a call at the office for more information and rates. 509-624-7207

Thank you Chris Ivins for the photos and the progress report.

GP38 Final touches

Going on at the shop today!! GP38-3m CM 849 is now complete. Will get better shots when it is out in service next week.

CMR 1838 Receives its Orders

CMR 1838 is soon to be headed to its next assignment. CMR traded this locomotive on their new #3001.

Western is offering it ready to lease or sale. It was their front line locomotive and is 92-day tested and ready to head back out on immediate lease or sale.

Call the office and ask Ty or Pat for more details 509-624-7207

Mt Hood Railroad Receiving New Engine

Headed to its new home to help out a long time good customer Mt Hood Railroad. Will be painted later in the year & get fresh new wheels in the next month. Old letters will be painted out upon arrival.

Goings on at the shop today

The Cummins GP38cc (GP38 Cummins Clean) is coming right along and should be testing in May. This locomotive is available for Lease / Sale / Financing around June or July and is fully Tier 3 emissions compliant.

At 2100 HP. This is not a Gen-Set, but rather a re-power utilizing all the EMD components we are able too for ease of maintenance of parts availability.

Please call our office and talk to Pat, Ty or Todd for more details and options for purchase / lease

Another shot of the standard air compressor drive-line utilizing a Reich flex coupling for testing purposes. We should be able to go back to the standard off the shelf EMD flex coupling for the next re-power once the torsional numbers are recorded

WRIX to the rescue

Lots Goings On at Western Rail Airway Heights yard on Friday. Our crew assisting one of the local railroads to swap a grounded traction motor out. Thanks to our CMO Braeden for stepping in and getting the job complete. Unit is back to railroading next week.

New Project

New project for the Airway Heights yard. GP16 #316 will be converted to a GP38-1.5m. Unit already has a partial dash 2 cabinet in it so it will remain that way unless customer wants a Dash 3 computer.

Side Note: this was one the first locomotives ever sold by Western Rail in 1989, so we are excited to get it back and keep its life continuing.