WRIX to the rescue

Lots Goings On at Western Rail Airway Heights yard on Friday. Our crew assisting one of the local railroads to swap a grounded traction motor out. Thanks to our CMO Braeden for stepping in and getting the job complete. Unit is back to railroading next week.

New Project

New project for the Airway Heights yard. GP16 #316 will be converted to a GP38-1.5m. Unit already has a partial dash 2 cabinet in it so it will remain that way unless customer wants a Dash 3 computer.

Side Note: this was one the first locomotives ever sold by Western Rail in 1989, so we are excited to get it back and keep its life continuing.

GP38-3m Central Montana #3001

Final Inspection and delivered today. GP38-3m Central Montana #3001. There will still be large numbers applied to the long hood as with there other locomotives. The numbers have not arrived at the shop yet from Montana. Temporarily in service on the POVA next few weeks to work out any bugs. For all that are asking. This is a half and half unit. Former HBR 2508 frame and trucks. Pretty much everything else came from WAMX 3006